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Patient Services

Technical Services
Our Technical staff utilize the latest industry advances including 3D shape acquisition, CAD CAM technology and high tech light weight material in the fabrication of our orthotic and prosthetic devices.  

Our Tracer Cad system enables our practitioners to modify and carve their casts with great accuracy and speed. What used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.  All of our scoliosis braces are fabricated in house with the greatest precision. We have the capability to provide same day delivery for emergency and post operative care.

Prothotic Laboratory is one of the few facilities that utilizes the OMEGA Scanner.  The OMEGA is a non-contact, hand-held laser scanner that accurately captures deep scars, invaginations, and intricate anatomical surfaces.  It is ideal for  Cranial shape acquisition.The OMEGA Scanner provides a safe, pain-free method for capturing the shape of an infant’s head without a plaster cast.
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OMEGA Tracer laser scanner