The WalkAide™ System 
  • This system is a Functional Electrical Stimulation Device designed to assist patients with foot drop secondary to a central nervous system disorder, such as stroke or Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Free consultation and demonstration.

  • We utilize the Omega Scanner hand held 3-D imager and CAD technology in capturing the shape of the infant's head.
Scoliosis Management with the Rigo-System-Cheneau Brace (RSC®)
  • We are a licensed Rigo-System-Cheneau Brace Provider
  • It is worn comfortably under clothing
  • We offer free consultations
The C-Leg™ by Otto Bock

  • The C-Leg is controlled via a microprocessor-controlled hydraulic unit with dynamic response to various gait patterns and speed.
  • Amputees walk comfortably without thinking about their prosthesis.
  • The knee unit will adjust to maintain motion when walking down inclines,stairs, or uneven surfaces.
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Patient Services

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Cranial Remolding Helmets

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The Plié by Freedom Innovations

Micro-processing Knees.
  • Rapid reaction to gait changes
  • Advanced stumble recovery capability
  • Optimized swing flexion resistance
  • Low profile and ultra light weight design
Carbon Composite AFO's
Allard ToeOFF® Standard.
The Noodle® TA AFO
Advanced Carbon Fiber Brace
  • For mild to moderate knee extension weakness
  • Foot/Ankle plantar flexion weakness
  • Post tibial tendonitis dysfunction
  • Effectively treats foot drop
  • Lightweight and durable